Sample email alert notification?

Sample email alert notification?

Here is an example for the sample email alert you would receive when subscribed to Email Alerts.

Regular Appointments:

Dropbox Appointments:
For Dropbox appointments, the email alert will not have CA Location as there is no need for CA appointment.

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      Below is the email alert logic If there are 10 or fewer slots available, then the top (available_slots * 5) contributors of the last 24 hours will receive the alert. When bulk (>10 slots or >5 slot-dates) slots are available, irrespective of ranking, ...
    • Email Alerts Not Received

      Email alerts are sent to the subscribed users who contribute regularly. You can purchase the subscription here. Email alerts will be sent only when you have contributed at least once in the last 24 hours and we see (from our contributors) there is a ...
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      Simple answer: Yes. We want to ensure the CheckVisaSlots platform helps everyone and not just someone who has paid for email alerts. As we mentioned during the check out process of alerts subscription, you must contribute everyday to receive email ...
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      We understand you got this doubt probably because of no email alerts for sometime. Currently, the US Visa appointments are not often available. So, sometimes it can be a long wait. As long as you see latest visa appointments info you can assume the ...
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      You will receive email alerts to your CGI Federal registered email, when there is a slot available, based on the crowdsourced slots availability screenshots generated by all users, from your preferred date up to 6 months. Watch below detailed video ...