Update "Check US Visa Slots" Extensions

Update "Check US Visa Slots" Extensions

Please follow the instructions below

Chrome Extension

  1. Install/Reinstall the latest chrome extension from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/beepaenfejnphdgnkmccjcfiieihhogl

Safari Extension/Mac App/iOS App

  1. Install/Update the app

Mozilla Addon

  1. Install/Reinstall the latest Mozilla Firefox Addon - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/check-us-visa-slots/

After installing the extension, make sure to sign out from the visa portal and re-login to verify your contributions (from the checkvisaslots.com profile page) are taken

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    • Access revoked because of zero contributions

      No Agents. No Zombies This portal is accessible ONLY IF you share the appointment calendar with others. At CheckVisaSlots.com, we believe in creating a helpful and supportive platform for all users who share and care for each other. If any user is ...
    • How to Contribute?

      CheckVisaSlots is a collaborative platform to see & share Visa slots availability screenshots with others. You get the best out of it when every one contributes and help each other. Contributing is easy, the extension will do it for you. Step-by-Step ...
    • How to get better ranking?

      I recommend to be safe in contributing and do not get locked up when there are slots open. Contributing 5 images per day is good enough to receive alerts when there are more than 3 slot dates available. Aiming for top 14 ranks, to get the alert for ...
    • My contributions are reduced

      Any contribution or usage expires after 24 hours. If you upload one image now, you have 24 hours to get 20 sessions. If you use 20 sessions on the last minute of 24th hours, on the 25th hour, your contribution is 0 but your usage is 20. Also, for the ...
    • Account details are not shown

      This usually happens because of the cache issue. Go to checkvisaslots.com and do a hard refresh of the webpage.  Hard Refresh Shortcuts Windows OS: CTRL + F5 Mac OS : CMD + SHIFT + R   or   OPTION + CMD + E
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      Email alerts are effective when there is good user activity. If your visa type is not shown in the pricing page, it would be because the user activity from those visa applicants is less.  If you know visa applicants in your visa category please ...
    • Image shows slots availability but not received any email alert

      Subscription users give high importance to the email alerts from checkvisaslots. So, instead of sending the data whatever we receive from the platform users, we vet the data before sending out an email to anyone. The images on the UI sometimes may ...
    • Rejected vs First time visa applications

      We can't differentiate a refused applicant vs first time applicant as there is no indication on the UI in the CGI portal. However, as long as you contribute, you will continue to receive email alerts for both first-time and refused visa appointments. ...
    • Does the platform work for other visa locations other than India?

      Currently, we are serving US consulates only in India. Hence, the platform is useful only for the US visa applicants from India location.
    • usvisacheduling.com - Chrome Extension

      As the visa booking platform (CGI portal) changed its URL, it is mandatory to update the Check US Visa Slots Chrome extension. Please follow the steps mentioned update chrome extension NO NEED TO FOLLOW THE BELOW. JUST FOLLOW THE STEPS FROM THE URL ...