What is the difference between <location> VAC and <location>?

What is the difference between <location> VAC and <location>?

There are 2 type of visa appointments.
  1. Regular - If you are visiting US for the first time. 
  2. Dropbox - If you already got a US visa approved in the first attempt.
For Regular appointment types, the applicant has to book 2 appointments.
  1. Appointment for biometrics (OFC) - The locations in the dropdown will have "VAC" suffixed for these. This is the appointment for an office, where you submit your DS-160 details and fingerprints.
  2. Consular Appointment (CA) - This is the appointment to enter the US consulate where you actually face the Interview with a Visa officer.
For Dropbox appointment types, the applicant need only one appointment to submit the visa documents. Basically, you are eligible for interview waiver. 

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    • Does the platform work for other visa locations other than India?

      Currently, we are serving US consulates only in India. Hence, the platform is useful only for the US visa applicants from India location.
    • Sample email alert notification?

      Here is an example for the sample email alert you would receive when subscribed to Email Alerts. Regular Appointments: Dropbox Appointments: For Dropbox appointments, the email alert will not have CA Location as there is no need for CA appointment.
    • what is "Slot Start Date Info"?

      Slot Start Date Info is a feature available for email alert subscribed users. The browser extension, for subscribers, shows the start date when there is an availability.  Refer to the image below.. Highlighted below shows that there were 12 available ...
    • Does the platform show both Consular & Office appointments for FREE users?

      Yes.  For Regular applicants: You will see both Biometrics (OFC) and Consular (Interview) Appointments. For Dropbox applicants: You will see OFC appointments. Chrome Extension Snippet for Regular Applicants Chrome Extension Snippet ...
    • Will I get alerts for both biometrics and consular appointments?

      If you are applying for Regular appointments, alerts will be only for Consular availability. For the Dropbox appointments, the alerts will be only for the OFC availability, obviously.